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What a Performance Review Is – and What It Isn’t!

So what is performance? Performance is the results we get (the what) plus the behaviors that give us those results (the how). And why do we care about managing performance in organizations? It’s the only reliable way to assure our

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Tell Them Once and Never Have to Tell Them Again!

I am fortunate to have an uber-perfectionist named Jessica by my side. She is incredibly responsible, completely reliable, and in general just a wonderful person to work with. At times, I forget that Jessica strives for perfection in all that

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Rock Star Performers Eat Chocolate Cake and Apple Pie!

I always enjoy working with companies who value their employees and recognize them for their individual and team accomplishments. I firmly believe that people want to contribute and make a difference and that the more they feel valued the more

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Celebrating Our Successes – One Accomplishment at a Time!

Did you just sign a new customer you’ve been chasing for 2 years? Find the simple billing errors that explain why your numbers are off so much this year – simply because you forgot to bill your clients? Those accomplishments

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Catching Spring Fever to be a Better Leader

I was just in Minnesota with a couple of coaching clients and was thrilled to see – and feel – the sun shining again. I’ve been supporting the leaders in this family business since November, about the same time the

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Super Charging Your Company with Smart Goals

Over the years, I’ve consulted with organizations large and small and across industries more diverse than I can even remember. The one thing that has always been a constant though is that the people who define their strategic intentions always

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Aim High, Achieve Higher

Different things speak to different people. For me, sometimes it’s the lyrics in a song that move me to tears. Sometimes, it’s the message on a billboard or even the common theme of a popular TV show or classic movie

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What Are You Training For?

In September, I ran my first triathlon. It was an exhausting – and exhilarating! – experience, and I’m quite proud of my extremely respectable 2-hour and 10-minute pace for this Classic distance. I would have liked to have taken 10

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Swimming Upstream to Unparalleled Levels of Success!

The life of an Alaskan salmon is an interesting one to say the least! These adventurous fish are born as little eggs in gravel nests at the bottom of Alaskan streams and river beds. They then hatch and grow and

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Past, Present & Future: Choosing to Live in the Now!

Have you ever stopped to consider that there really are 3 ways to live your life: Past, Present, and Future. Most of us believe we’re being Present throughout our day-to-day lives and living every moment as it actually occurs, but

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