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Are you winning or losing the War for Talent?
With unemployment levels remaining at near historic lows all across the United States, the War for Talent is very much still on! So what are you doing not only to recruit the most qualified candidates to join your team but also to keep them engaged and retain them once they do?

Many consider Recruitment & Retention their greatest leadership challenge!
Business owners and executive leaders across industries regularly identify recruitment and retention as one of their most pressing performance challenges. More importantly, they know they put their organizations at great risk if they don’t address this critical – and costly – business issue.

Plus Delta’s Talent Management programs span across the Employee Lifecycle.
If you want to recruit and then retain your top talent, you need to review your employees’ complete lifecycle experience at your company. Your employees’ experiences actually start well before you extend them offers, and they continue long after new hire orientation is over. That’s why Plus Delta’s Talent Management programs span across each of the five most critical stages of the Employee Lifecycle:

  • Recruitment & selection
  • New hire orientation & on-boarding
  • Training & development
  • Performance management
  • Succession & separation

Is employee turnover costing you too much? Are your most valued contributors continuing to leave your organization unexpectedly? If so, it will only get worse with a younger, more mobile Millennial workforce, so let’s review your talent management practices together to see how we can inspire your employees and retain your best people.

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"First and foremost, Plus Delta’s team helped us develop a complete human capital strategy so we could better manage our people. They then successfully designed and implemented numerous business-critical programs across the entire employee life-cycle."
- Director, Change Management-Finance