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Worrying About Today’s Problems Is Not My Problem!

I was recently sitting in a Vistage Chief Executive forum when one of my best friends and professional role models shared this revolutionary idea with our group. Today’s operational issues are someone else’s problem. According to him, if as a

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Right Now! What Are You Waiting For?

I’ve been a huge Van Halen fan for years! Yes, I prefer Sammy Hagar’s tunes over David Lee Roth’s, but the change in lead singers didn’t impact my love for the group one bit. And with all the music I’ve

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Past, Present & Future: Choosing to Live in the Now!

Have you ever stopped to consider that there really are 3 ways to live your life: Past, Present, and Future. Most of us believe we’re being Present throughout our day-to-day lives and living every moment as it actually occurs, but

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