Swimming Upstream to Unparalleled Levels of Success!

The life of an Alaskan salmon is an interesting one to say the least! These adventurous fish are born as little eggs in gravel nests at the bottom of Alaskan streams and river beds. They then hatch and grow and mature until they are able to start their journey downstream towards the Pacific Ocean. After swimming more than 2,000 miles, they then swim back upstream literally to their original spawning grounds where they started. These adult salmon then lay and fertilize their eggs beginning the circle of life again.


Whether you’re an Alaskan salmon making your way back and forth to and from the high seas or a CEO maneuvering your way in similarly unchartered waters, the journey is not too different. Like the Atlantic salmon, young (aka new) CEOs leave their breeding ground to embark on their effortful and rigorous journeys. They avoid predators like the birds from above and whales below. They also navigate the turbulent and rugged rapids leaping up the rocky waterfalls they must overcome along the way.

As they mature, the more experienced CEOs are able to take stock in their enhanced abilities and reflect upon their recent accomplishments. Swimming upstream no longer feels like a daunting challenge because they quickly realize that they have already achieved the unthinkable… They have returned upstream to lay the foundation for a future generation of senior leaders.

As I reflect on more than 10 years now as a CEO and business owner, I see my journey – and that of my firm Plus Delta Consulting – similarly too. We have transformed our consulting practice and matured our business in ways never imaginable before, and we are have laid our eggs for the rebirth that is certain to come. Our projects are more strategic, and most of our clients are higher up on the food chain with more pressing business concerns. This truly is a testament to the dedication and commitment of many as the individual salmon rarely swims separately from his school.

I invite you to take stock in your life’s accomplishments and start swimming back upstream to the unparalleled levels of success that await you and your organization. You don’t have to view it as effortful or treacherous. As with the Atlantic salmon, it is a natural evolutionary process and a cycle of life that is simply destined to occur!

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