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Planning Your Future from the Future to Take Your Organization from Strategy to Action

Whether your organization is large or small, strategic planning is critical to the success of your business. Even individual departments must create their own strategic plans to drive sustained business results. Whatever our size or scope, we need to plan

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Different Patterns…Different Results!

Insanity is commonly defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This makes perfect sense logically, although I rarely recognize it when I get wrapped up in my daily routines.  Last Friday, my SiriusXM

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Swimming Upstream to Unparalleled Levels of Success!

The life of an Alaskan salmon is an interesting one to say the least! These adventurous fish are born as little eggs in gravel nests at the bottom of Alaskan streams and river beds. They then hatch and grow and

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Honoring Our Past While Being an Agent of Change for the Future

Marshall Goldsmith may have said it best when he declared, “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There”! That was a powerful A’ha moment for me as I’ve always known that I am likely the greatest obstacle getting in the

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Turning 40 and Just Hitting My Stride

Last Wednesday was my 40th birthday. I was not specifically waiting for the day to come to begin my life. Let’s face it, I’ve already lived a very full and blessed life, complete with tremendous revelations, numerous accomplishments, and several

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Designing the Organization of the Future…TODAY!

An effective organization design can make or break your ability to achieve your business strategy. This is particularly true in today’s ever-changing environment. As a result, Plus Delta has seen a growing need for our clients to redesign their organizations

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The Power of Transformation and Swinging Away

It amazes me how often I get wrapped up in my story about reality. “This sucks! Life couldn’t get any worse.” runs through my head just as often as “I am so blessed! Life couldn’t get any better.” What amazes

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Past, Present & Future: Choosing to Live in the Now!

Have you ever stopped to consider that there really are 3 ways to live your life: Past, Present, and Future. Most of us believe we’re being Present throughout our day-to-day lives and living every moment as it actually occurs, but

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Smile. Have Fun! What if we Renamed Work, Play?

  We all spend so much time at “work”, yet many of us relate to it as if it really is “work”. Why is that? One would think that we would want to enjoy what we spend so much time

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Battling Resistance and Getting “Buy-In” with Kotter and Whitehead

What change or innovation did not begin with the planted seed of a great idea?  Is YOU believing in your good idea enough?  Is enthusiastically presenting it to a group knowing it will make a crucial difference going to keep

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