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You’re a leader!  Now what?
Were you recently promoted? Congratulations! This is a great personal accomplishment worth celebrating. Now that you are in your new role though, what are you going to do to foster new relationships across the business to ensure you succeed? This is a unique transition that regularly occurs in organizations, yet those newly promoted leaders rarely receive the specific tools and executive coaching support they need to succeed in their new roles.

Future leaders benefit from coaching too!
Or perhaps you are looking to promote one of your high-potential next-generation leaders in the next 6-12 months. Typically, people perform “role appropriate” behaviors to be successful in their current roles. In the case of succession planning or other leadership transitions, executive coaching helps individuals develop the critical skills they need to step up to that next level.

Executive coaching is a present…not a punishment.

Plus Delta’s executive coaching programs are customized to address any leadership challenge or opportunity you may be facing. While our coaches don’t see coaching as punishment, we have definitely been asked to support leaders who may be struggling to meet expectations and perform. This type of corrective action is very common and can be phenomenally useful for a talented leader who simply needs a trusted advisor and confidante to get him or her back on track. Most of our coaching programs, though, are experienced – and offered – as a present from senior leaders for their:

  • New managers/supervisors
  • Newly-promoted leaders
  • High-potential leaders

Executive coaching develops better leaders!
To develop these individuals into being better leaders, our coaching programs often focus on the following leadership practices:

  • Self-awareness and greater presence
  • Productivity and priority management
  • Delegation and accountability
  • Team development
  • Positive and constructive feedback
  • Strategic thinking

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“Jeremy and Plus Delta’s coaches were instrumental in improving our senior management team’s communication and problem-solving capabilities. Beyond that, the leadership tools and techniques they shared along with their direct one-on-one coaching enabled my key leaders to assume greater responsibility for our daily operations.”
– President/CEO

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