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How efficient and sustainable is your business?
When was the last time you evaluated individual and team performance across your organization? In today’s volatile market, good organizational health and wellness is critical to the profitability and long-term success of any business. That’s why it’s imperative to continually assess how we are doing and what we might want to do differently to produce even better results moving forward. Assuming it’s been a while since you reviewed your current business practices, you may be putting the future of your business at risk!

Performance improvement programs can be extremely effective!
If your performance is impacted by one or more of the following conditions, then a targeted review of your current workflow may be in in order. Along with an in-depth analysis of your operating systems and existing organizational structures, this can be a great first step to improving performance across your organization.

  • Poor communication
  • Frequent bottlenecks
  • Low productivity
  • Depressed customer satisfaction
  • Declining employee morale
  • High turnover

Performance improvement plans guide successful implementation.
After completing our initial assessments, Plus Delta regularly prepares more detailed performance improvement and implementation plans to guide you through the following activities:

  • Definition – Document “as is” processes and validate your existing workflow to gain a better understanding of your primary operating procedures
  • Standardization – Design a standard model for your “to be” processes based on improvement opportunities, such as removing bottlenecks, eliminating redundancies, and reducing manual handoffs
  • Optimization – Incorporate analytics, business intelligence, automation, and other advanced technologies into your new model to enhance operations and integrate other business transactions
  • Transition – Implement your “to be” processes and realign job functions and reporting structures to match new business requirements
  • Evaluation – Assess the effectiveness of your new procedures, envision future enhancements, and refine the process to achieve increased efficiency

Is your business suffering from inefficient and outdated business processes? With a focus on performance improvement, Plus Delta can help you optimize your business and create a more productive organization by eliminating waste and reducing your overall operating costs.

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Leadership Video

"The Plus Delta team quickly – and successfully – identified several critical changes to improve our business practices. Beyond that, they engaged all our key stakeholders and bargaining groups in a collaborative process to evaluate these solutions and chart a course for future action."
- Project Director, Supply Chain