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Holy Cow! Zappos Influences a Whole City with Passion Groups and Sustained Change

In Part 1 of this blog series, I wrote about our tour of the Zappos’ facility in Henderson, Nevada and how we were influenced by the extraordinary culture and people we met.  Our host Jamie Naughton, Speaker of the House

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21st Century Management the Zappos Way

I’m feeling a bit out-of-date and stuffy today.  Last week, Plus Delta’s CEO Jeremy Lurey and I toured Zappos’ Headquarters in Henderson, Nevada just outside Las Vegas.  If I hadn’t been there to see it first hand, I would have

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How to Hold Attention: Clarifying Your Message and Getting It Into the Heads of Those You Are Addressing Before It’s Too Late!

This article derives from a short talk I give every September to my Boy Scout troop’s high-school age staff called ‘How to Hold the Attention of 80 Kids.’ As I thought more about the subject, and reflected on past experiences

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Battling Resistance and Getting “Buy-In” with Kotter and Whitehead

What change or innovation did not begin with the planted seed of a great idea?  Is YOU believing in your good idea enough?  Is enthusiastically presenting it to a group knowing it will make a crucial difference going to keep

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A Summer of Service: Giving Back to Pay It Forward

This July, for the 18th year in a row, I will spend at least a week of my summer vacation with a bunch of teenagers. In recent years, traveling on a service project with my church youth group has come

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5 Critical Steps to Implementation Success: Why Aren’t We Learning From Our Mistakes?

For the last 10+ years I’ve been managing client relationships and selling Change Management consulting and training solutions to organizations that want to adopt a common approach to manage change.   It continues to fascinate me that despite the increased focus

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From Fringe to Mainstream: Self Development & Technology for Extraordinary Performance

Current science has legitimized the power of thoughts, words, breath, meditation, and world-view to have direct and lasting effects on our performance, happiness, and well-being. As studies in neurobiology, behavioral genetics, and quantum theory begin to confirm what has long

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12 Organizational Idea Starters to Get You “Going Green”

Many organizations have realized that green business practices provide a competitive business advantage. It’s an opportunity to make a real difference in a way that benefits not only bottom line results, but also fosters stronger employee engagement, improves community relations,

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Managing Your Organizational Processes During the Economic Recovery

The following is a guest post by our own Jack Weber, Executive Consultant at Plus Delta Consulting: At Plus Delta, we have experienced an ever increasing flow of feedback from our clients and others that the long anticipated economic recovery

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Organizational Culture and Success: Dave Logan gives TED talk on Tribal Leadership

Click here for larger video, a full transcript, discussions, and extra information. This link will be provided again at the end of this entry. Have you ever considered the possibility that the language we use in organizations can have a

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