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What To Do about Millennial Mania

Let’s be clear. This article is not about what’s wrong with Millennials, how we can get rid of them, or even how we can change them. I’ve stayed out of the Millennial fray for years now because I don’t think

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Communication as the Foundation for Implementing Positive Changes

Have you ever wanted to change something only to realize that others don’t want to change?  Whether you’re trying to implement a simple process change with your direct team or transform your whole company, organizational change doesn’t just happen because

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Smile. Have Fun! What if we Renamed Work, Play?

  We all spend so much time at “work”, yet many of us relate to it as if it really is “work”. Why is that? One would think that we would want to enjoy what we spend so much time

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Plus Delta Welcomes Pamela Hartman to Our Growing Team!

Plus Delta Consulting is thrilled to announce the addition of Pamela Hartman to our firm as Director, Client Solutions. Throughout her 20-year career, Pamela has managed large-scale transformational change efforts around the world with people, teams, and organizations from small

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From Fringe to Mainstream: Self Development & Technology for Extraordinary Performance

Current science has legitimized the power of thoughts, words, breath, meditation, and world-view to have direct and lasting effects on our performance, happiness, and well-being. As studies in neurobiology, behavioral genetics, and quantum theory begin to confirm what has long

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