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Understanding Why We Hire So Fast & Fire So Slow

I participated in a leadership workshop for other CEOs and business owners several years ago, and the speaker shared one poignant remark that has stuck with me ever since! In many organizations, we have a tendency to hire very fast

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FREE 360-Degree Survey Offer Extended Another 30 Days – Act Now and Get Started Today!

Due to the popular demand we received from our clients last month, we are extending our New Year’s offer for FREE 360-Degree Leadership Excellence Surveys for anyone who starts a new Executive Coaching program. Plus Delta’s coaching programs range from

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Plus Delta Presents at ASTD Los Angeles, Thursday, 1/28, on Strategic Organization Renewal

In today’s turbulent times, employees are discouraged by the continuing global economic crisis and broader world news, organizations are becoming completely consumed by draconian cost-cutting measures simply to stay afloat, and customers are still finding it difficult to make purchasing

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Six Ways to a Passionate Soul: An Interview with Steve Cady

Dr. Steven H. Cady is a Graduate Faculty member in the Organization Development Program at Bowling Green State University. He also researches, writes about, and consults to individuals and organizations about passion. Beyond that, Steve is an inspiration to me

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Does Light Boost Workplace Productivity? Green Offices Increase Business Success

What are employers doing to make work places more productive from the standpoint of interior design, landscaping, natural lighting, open work spaces, etc.? Is there a business case for these efforts? Are there measurable improvements in productivity?

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Top 10 Reasons Why the Recession Is Really Over!

When the recession set in late last year, I said to myself, “Oh, we’ll be fine. We have several major client engagements under way, and our clients aren’t pulling the plug on us yet.” Then in January, we signed a

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Meet our office pets!

We practice what we preach here at Plus Delta Consulting and work hard to create a fun place to work. One of the things we promote is a pet friendly atmosphere. Yes, we bring our dogs with us to work

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What Makes Ordinary Groups Extraordinary? An Interview with Geoffrey Bellman and Kathleen Ryan, authors of Extraordinary Groups

I recently had the honor and privilege of sitting down with Geoff Bellman and Kathleen Ryan, co-authors of the new book Extraordinary Groups: How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results. What a treat!  Geoff has been a personal idol of mine

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Juliette Powell Interview on Social Media in Organization Development: Part 1

[youtube]idEZ9lO6owI[/youtube] I recently conducted a two-part interview with Juliette Powell (author of 33 Million People in the Room) at the OD Network Conference in Seattle, just after she delivered the final keynote speech, titled “The Technology of Relationships: Social Networking and

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Relive the 2009 OD Network Conference with Plus Delta’s pictures from Seattle

Click here to view more conference photos courtesy of OD Network staff photographer Robin Reid

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