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Understanding Why We Hire So Fast & Fire So Slow

I participated in a leadership workshop for other CEOs and business owners several years ago, and the speaker shared one poignant remark that has stuck with me ever since! In many organizations, we have a tendency to hire very fast

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The 4 P’s Of Executive Gold

Eight years ago, I wrote a blog post entitled “The 4 P’s of Olympic Gold”. The article was inspired by Shaun White’s amazing Gold medal performance at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Anybody who watched the Men’s Halfpipe competition

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Feedback? Feed-Forward . . . Telling Your Family Business Leaders What You Really Think!

I like to think of feedback more like “feed-forward.” You’ve seen the concept of “pay it forward” in movies and commercials over the years, and feedback can have the same effect. When offered with the right intention and skills, feedback

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Acting Like You’re Going to Lose Your Job Anyway

How many times have you not taken action for fear of losing your job? One of the things I’ve always appreciated about being an external consultant is that I don’t have to play “office politics” the same way internal employees

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Commitment, Having Integrity and Being Accountable to Our Words

The nice thing about being self-employed is that I don’t have a boss. In my experience, one of the most challenging parts of being self-employed, however, is that I don’t have a boss! For more than 10 years now, I’ve

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Taking a Step Back at Mid-Year to Move Your Big Rocks Forward by Year-End!

As we reach mid-year, I invite you to reflect on your goals for the year and assess how you’re doing. Are you on track to achieve your strategic intentions? Did something in your market shift to where you need to

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Right Now! What Are You Waiting For?

I’ve been a huge Van Halen fan for years! Yes, I prefer Sammy Hagar’s tunes over David Lee Roth’s, but the change in lead singers didn’t impact my love for the group one bit. And with all the music I’ve

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