Meet our office pets!

We practice what we preach here at Plus Delta Consulting and work hard to create a fun place to work. One of the things we promote is a pet friendly atmosphere. Yes, we bring our dogs with us to work (almost) every day. There are a few exceptions when there are clients or other VIP guests coming into the office, but generally the pets get to come to work. Who are these furry friends? Read below to meet our office pets and see the cutest 25-second video clip!

Top Dog – Marley Lurey:

Marley was the first of the office pets. He’s an Australian Sheppard and is about 1½ years old. Known as “Mr. Personality” he plays hard-to-get with the ladies, juggles a handful of girlfriends, and is the instigator in any game (or mischief).

Second in Command – Bailey Lurey:

BaileyBailey is also an Australian Sheppard and is about a year old. Bailey is the toy stealer of the group and has to have whatever any of the other dogs are currently playing with. Her favorite toy is the squeaky tennis ball. She holds it in her mouth and squeaks it for HOURS. It is very cute but a bit hard to block out when you’re trying to write a proposal! But she melts your heart with her friendly personality.

Our Little Addition – Cali Coolidge:

Cali on deckThe last, but certainly not the least of the pack, is Cali. Just under a year old, Cali (a Miniature Schnauzer) is the cuddle bunny of the group. When she wants attention she will come up to your chair and look at you with the sweetest little expression on her face. No matter what critical deadline you are working on, you have to break for a second to give her a pet. But don’t let her small frame and cute eyes fool you – she holds her own in wrestling matches with the other two. Here’s a 25-second clip of exactly that!


Having pets in the office is not only fun, but reduces stress and blood pressure, and elevates mood. Apparently, the notion is catching on. Check out this article on how one cardiologist brings his dogs to work with him to help keep him refreshed and renewed throughout the day. Or this interesting read on how petting a dog releases ‘good’ hormones for you AND the dog. Now that is what I call a mutually beneficial relationship!

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3 comments on “Meet our office pets!
  1. Robin says:

    Wow … a third dog. What a delight. Fun “sharing” of your furry pets.

  2. Page says:

    What fun! My cat Muggles Malone is helping me out with my job hunt. He’s very jealous of my laptop and even nipped at my fingers while I was typing until I explained that one of us has to find a way to keep putting cat food on the floor. Your dogs are just adorable – and spoiled rotten I bet! Incidentally, your post inspired me to finally get my blog going, so thanks a million for that!

  3. I just wanted to say thanks! I was clicking around on Ask when I found your blog. After checking out your weblog I’ve come up with some ideas for my blog. I just thought I’d let you know

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