Floating Above the Workforce Management Current with eworkforce as Your River Guide

Are you taking advantage of our bountiful rivers this summer? From plenty of rain this winter to the warm sunshine rays this spring, it is a once-a-decade magical opportunity! One of our client contacts who is a Director in a busy IT department actually releases his stress serving as a weekend river guide during the summer. When talking about the conditions this year, he recently shared, “The river is definitely full this year, but,” he leaned in, “the undercurrent can be very dangerous.” Well, we believe it takes the same kind of courage you need to face a swift river of roaring rapids as it does to continuously face the flow of never-ending project demands in an organization.

Sound familiar?

  • Keeping track of how many and what type of resources will be needed to support your business-critical project initiatives.
  • Being asked to deliver exceptional results with internal staff who aren’t prepared for or sometimes even skilled in the required work.
  • Dealing with lean hiring budgets or even worse a hiring freeze.
  • Having strict requirements for engaging external consultants to supplement your internal team members.
  • Monitoring whether or not sourcing additional team members is on schedule across departmental silos and global lines.

All of these common challenges can significantly impact the success of your project efforts and quickly become powerful forces colliding to create strong undercurrents of redundancy, inefficient spending, and under performance.

Whew! Wouldn’t it be easier to put down our paddles, jump ship, and simply let the river current float us downstream? Unfortunately, that majestic stream called “seamless workforce planning” doesn’t seem to exist at times. To help our clients, colleagues, and alliance partners float above the workforce management current this summer, we are excited to announce our strategic partnership with eworkforce. Instead of continuing to paddle upstream, we can now ensure you have all the right people in the right place at the right time!

“Organizations spend millions and millions of dollars every year engaging costly contract consultants to support their projects because they don’t have the right internal mix of resources and skill sets available when needed. We approach this by using existing workforce data to manage and develop people more strategically and create efficient, sustainable organizations.”
– Brad Kelley, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, eworkforce

So how do we really partner with a solution provider like eworkforce? Plus Delta and eworkforce were recently engaged by a Fortune 200 company in Northern California that wanted to manage its resources more effectively. More specifically, this organization’s IT department consisted of approximately 2,000 people – almost half of whom were external contractors when we began. Beyond this obvious imbalance in staffing, the department lacked the management capability, business process, and organizational discipline required to achieve significant cost savings and increased efficiencies. While the implementation effort is still under way, the business case suggests an annual savings of at least $35M per year (10% of their previous spend) along with considerable productivity gains for the future. More importantly, we expect to deliver the foundational capabilities and business practices required for this IT organization to support a leading F200 business well into the future.

Today’s workforce is dynamic, and business is constantly changing. For most companies, their largest and most important asset is their people. At the same time, their people are oftentimes their most costly resource, and they don’t have the insight needed to adapt their workforce to the changes around them. Our combined approach with eworkforce now enables companies to make better decisions about their current and future workforce needs and in doing so dramatically reduce their operating costs.

eworkforce has proven to be a robust workforce management toolset that satisfies any resource planning need. Whether it’s staffing their short-term project work or managing the complex schedule of 24×7 healthcare organizations, CIOs, CFOs, heads of PMOs, and strategic HR leaders have already achieved the following benefits with eworkforce:

Actionable decision making Enhanced management capabilities
Improved financial controls Significant cost savings

Can Plus Delta help you enhance your workforce management practices to make sure you have the right people in the right place at the right time? Give us a call at +1 (310) 589-4600 or email us at to get started. Plus Delta’s keen focus in this relentless flow of organizational change is to assess your current resource capabilities, evaluate your future requirements, and implement the eworkforce systems and associated business practices required to keep the two aligned moving forward. This is one big rock you surely want your river guide to steer around!

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