Plus Delta’s presentations share best practices and leadership insights to develop better leaders and produce better business results. Over the years, our consultants have developed and now regularly deliver keynote presentations and group workshops on a variety of topics. These learning programs are appropriate for both professional audiences and internal client groups.

Plus Delta’s President and CEO Dr. Jeremy Lurey, in particular, regularly facilitates professional development programs on succession planning, strategic planning, leadership and team development, performance management and organizational change management. Links to some of his recent webinars are provided below. You can also visit our Resources  page  to read some of his recent articles on these topics. Or visit our Blog to read other keen insights and valuable information on these and other critical business topics.

  • Communication Excblicbellence: Being a Multi-Dimensional Leader to Achieve Better Business Results
    Many of our accomplishments and most of the results we achieve in business happen through our communication and conversations with others. For this reason, we must strive for enhanced communications with those we work with to achieve better business results. Not all people are alike though, so not all business situations – or working relationships for that matter – demand the same type of communication approach. In this online learning program, participants learn about their natural styles as well as other people’s individual preferences. These multi-dimensional leaders learn to leverage their individual strengths and unique talents to communicate more effectively with those around them and ultimately achieve greater successes in business.
  • Three Keys to Success with Succession Management
    With four generations of men and women in the workforce today and nearly 10,000 Baby Boomers a day now reaching retirement age, succession planning has never been more important! Many see the key to success in succession management as identifying and then developing the next-generation leader, oftentimes the CEO’s successor. It’s not just grooming this next-generation leader that makes succession planning a success though. In this webinar, participants also learn about several other critical elements to succession management, including actively engaging both Board members and staff in the succession process and coaching leaders in transition to shift their management responsibilities to others and embrace their “third acts” in life. The workshop is based on a proven methodology for achieving greater success with succession management and avoiding unnecessary and often costly external executive search fees.
  • Essentials of Change Management: Five Critical Steps for Greater Project Success
    Today’s organizations experience tremendous amounts of change. Far too often though, organizations fail to achieve the anticipated benefits of their large-scale change efforts – arguably because they do not attend to the “people side” of change. In fact, it’s not uncommon for only 20% of major change efforts to ever achieve their intended business results. Not managing the people side of these organizational change initiatives, then, just isn’t effective. Successful change strategies actively engage the hearts and minds of those affected by the upcoming changes early in the process to mitigate potential risk and improve the likelihood for success. In this online learning program, participants learn about change and resistance to change from an individual, group and organizational level to develop the critical skills they need to effectively lead organizational change efforts and produce greater return on their investments.
  • Feedback, Feed-Forward: Giving Your People the Feedback They Need to Succeed
    Giving feedback to others is a fundamental leadership practice required to achieve peak performance in any organization. One of the most difficult conversations that any business leader will ever have however – perhaps falling just short of terminating an employee! – is providing constructive (aka “negative”) feedback to others. In this highly interactive and engaging webinar, participants gain greater understanding about people’s differences and review a proven framework for providing positive and constructive feedback to others in a way that is experienced as being less contentious and less confrontational. Participants also discuss specific characteristics of effective feedback and review who specifically requires feedback to produce better business results.