CEO Succession Management and Executive Coaching

Global Trade Association Manages CEO Transition and Prepares for the Future with Succession Management and Executive Coaching

Company Profile:

  • Global organization consisting of 4 Core Partner trade associations representing all major industries engaged in temperature-controlled logistics
  • Recognized authority in forging a universally-strong cold chain with headquarter offices in Washington, DC and several international affiliate offices supporting nearly 2,000 member organizations around the world

Business Challenge:

  • Association’s President & CEO had successfully led the organization for more than 30 years and announced his plans to retire over the next few years
  • Board members needed to identify the specific actions required for a smooth and successful transition, implement a rigorous succession management process, and ultimately select the next Chief Executive for the Association

Succession Planning and Leadership Coaching solutions provided include:

  • Performed preliminary assessment of the Association’s current leadership structures and developed a high-level plan to guide the succession process
  • Conducted initial planning session in person with all Transition Committee members to clarify the Association’s vision and strategic direction for the future and define specific role requirements for their next CEO
  • Designed and facilitated a targeted executive coaching program for the Vice President, specifically helping him develop the skills required to perform as President/CEO and enhance his leadership presence for this elevated role
  • Coached CEO in transition as he shifted management responsibilities to the Vice President, delivered numerous direct relationships to his successor, and established his individual plans for living his “third act” post-retirement
  • Facilitated multiple working sessions with the President/CEO, Vice President, and their staff to clearly define individual roles and responsibilities (RACIs) through the transition and institute critically-needed decision-making protocols for managing within their established dual-leadership model
  • Led additional Transition Team meetings to review the Vice President’s progress, keep everyone aligned with the ongoing transition, and ultimately vote unanimously to promote the Vice President to President & COO near-term and CEO longer-term when the current CEO retires

Key Business Results:

  • Successfully groomed the Association’s next Chief Executive through a variety of different leadership coaching activities and focused conversations
  • Delivered a highly effective and appreciated succession planning process that engaged both Board members and staff with the leadership transition
  • Enabled the Association to avoid an unnecessary and costly external executive search process by developing a high-potential internal leader
"Jeremy facilitated a CEO succession process that could have been difficult and challenging, but he understood all of the elements of the change process and managed it flawlessly. We would have never arrived where we did without Jeremy’s skill in facilitating this transition!"
- President & CEO