Change Management & Technology Adoption

Leading Health Insurance Company Develops and Deploys Custom Toolset to Transform the Way New Health Plans are Produced and Brought to Market

Company Profile:

  • One of the largest health insurance companies in the state of California with 4,500 employees and $7.5B annual revenues
  • A not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing Californians with access to high-quality health care at a reasonable price

Business Challenge:

  • A 30-year-old set of legacy systems containing multiple versions of non-standardized data contributed to significant manual process workarounds and the configuration of conflicting information
  • The organization developed a centralized system  and established new business practices to integrate multiple activities across the organization and required a dedicated change team to engage key stakeholders in the process and enhance user acceptance

Change Management and Technology Adoption solutions provided include:

  • Designed a comprehensive change management strategy and work plan to guide the initiative
  • Developed a complete stakeholder engagement approach and supported project leadership in building commitment across all organization levels from executive sponsors to system and document users
  • Performed business-critical organizational design work, including the creation of a brand new department and complete redesign of another, to establish effective support mechanisms for the toolset
  • Led continuous communication planning and development activities; Delivered numerous project updates, meeting presentations, and website and video messages across the organization
  • Conducted user readiness and adoption assessments to prepare managers and staff for the transition and monitor ongoing acceptance of the new toolset
  • Designed and implemented several team effectiveness programs, including a Team Performance Survey and comprehensive lessons learned review processes, to enhance knowledge sharing and team performance

Key Business Results:

  • Provided complete change management services and increased operational readiness throughout the project
  • Enhanced stakeholder engagement and participation through strategic change communications programs
  • Produced swift adoption of the new systems and business processes due to increased stakeholder involvement and enhanced focus on user acceptance

Client Success

"Plus Delta’s consultants did an excellent job of preparing our team to transition from project mode to operational readiness. We depended on them for – and received – successful change management, communications, and organizational design support throughout the deployment process."
- Director, Product Engineering