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There are No Failures or Mistakes in Lessons Learned

For the longest time, I have strived for perfection in all that I do. That’s nice in concept. It isn’t very practical though and rarely produces any breakthrough results. I often end up taking too long to do things with

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Top Ten Signs that Your Organizational Change Effort is Already Doomed!

As an expert in successfully implementing positive changes in organizations, I can share some pretty nasty horror stories with you all about organizational changes that have gone awry. Let’s face it. Up to 80% of all organizational changes do fail

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The Power of Breakdowns as an Access to Breakthroughs

People tend to cry a lot and emotionally (if not physically!) kick and scream whenever they have breakdowns. It could be the proverbial “bad hair day” or something more significant like a major setback in one’s career or personal relationships.

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