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Putting the Horse Back in Front of the Cart with Leadership Succession

Why is it that so many leadership succession processes begin when that very business executive we need to replace announces he or she is going to retire? Isn’t that like having the horse in back riding alongside the driver rather

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Plus Delta’s CEO Leads Webinar on “Three Keys to Success with Succession Management”

Many see the key to success in succession management as identifying and then developing the CEO successor.  It’s not just grooming your next-generation leader that makes succession management a success though.  There are two other critical elements to succession management

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The Succession Planning Checklist: Nine Must Do’s for the Retiring Business Leader

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’ve likely had a very successful career filled with many professional accomplishments and accolades, not the least of which is being in a position to plan what comes next for you and your organization. With

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