Understanding Why We Hire So Fast & Fire So Slow

I participated in a leadership workshop for other CEOs and business owners several years ago, and the speaker shared one poignant remark that has stuck with me ever since! In many organizations, we have a tendency to hire very fast and fire very slow. While this may feel like the right thing to do in the heat of the moment, it rarely produces the results we’re looking for.

So why do we do it? More importantly, what can we do about it? The first step to solving this problem is understanding the root causes, so here are several reasons why leaders tend to hire fast and fire slow in most organizations.  Read more ›

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Achieving Excellence with Email Communication

When I wrote my doctoral dissertation 20 years ago, I researched a variety of different tools to enhance virtual teaming and communications within and across companies. Email was already the most prevalent form of communication and information sharing back then, but people were not nearly as dependent upon it as they are now. Since then, email has had a profound impact on business and the world around us.

I recently had the honor of facilitating a management workshop that was the final course and culmination of a three-year leadership program for the participants. When asked about the key takeaways from their three-year learning journey, their resounding response was to share stories from and recognize the impact of their Business Writing course. Why? Because of the increased prevalence of email communication in each of their daily lives! Do we need any other proof to demonstrate the critical function email plays in our organizations?  Read more ›

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The 4 P’s Of Executive Gold

Eight years ago, I wrote a blog post entitled “The 4 P’s of Olympic Gold”. The article was inspired by Shaun White’s amazing Gold medal performance at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Anybody who watched the Men’s Halfpipe competition that year though knows that White didn’t just deliver one Gold-medal run…

The results were clear before White even started his second and final run. He was still standing on the platform overlooking the crowd when he learned he already won Olympic Gold. In that moment though, he didn’t stop and do the victory dance. He didn’t take the easy way down the pipe with his board in hand. After what seemed like a long debate with his coaches about what to do, he instead looked down to his fans and did what a true Gold medalist would do. He delivered an even better performance than his earlier run, stuck his final landing, and beat himself for the Gold medal – again!  Read more ›

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What To Do about Millennial Mania

Let’s be clear. This article is not about what’s wrong with Millennials, how we can get rid of them, or even how we can change them. I’ve stayed out of the Millennial fray for years now because I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a generation of workers who simply have different wants and needs than those before them. As a somewhat typical Gen Xer myself, I am absolutely the antithesis of my uber-professional Baby Boomer father in more ways than our age!  Read more ›

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Eight Strategies To Create Your Always, Ongoing Performance Management Process

Performance Management

Did you just complete your annual performance reviews at the end of the year? If so, congratulations! No? Then, that probably means you’re still dreading it’s that time of the year!

How often have you heard a business leader grimace or otherwise complain when someone in HR announces it’s time to complete your annual performance reviews – again? People often think of performance management as that thing they have to do once a year at the end of every year for HR so that people can qualify for their bonuses. While that may be part of the process, I hope for your sake that isn’t all that performance management represents in your organization. To be effective, it really needs to be an always, ongoing activity!  Read more ›

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Recruiting & Retaining Workforce America’s Top Talent in 2018

With unemployment rates falling across the United States since the tail end of the Great Recession, recruitment and retention of top talent has become a critical issue for many business leaders. Unemployment in nearly all our 50 States is under 5% now, so it truly is a strategic imperative to attract the best workers and then keep them engaged once they are on board. Any organization that doesn’t will surely struggle to succeed in 2018!

So how are today’s businesses tackling this growing problem with Workforce America? Many are turning to their compensation and employee benefits programs to create greater performance incentives, reduce employee turnover, and gain an edge on their competition. The following are some of the key strategies several CEOs and business owners reviewed in a CEO workshop I facilitated recently.  Read more ›

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Communication as the Foundation for Implementing Positive Changes

Have you ever wanted to change something only to realize that others don’t want to change?  Whether you’re trying to implement a simple process change with your direct team or transform your whole company, organizational change doesn’t just happen because you have what you think is a good idea or because you want it to happen.  People resist change for a variety of reasons, so it is critical to communicate what that change is all about to those who will be most affected by it if you want them to embrace your changes like you do.

Read more ›

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Seven Ways Great Leaders Overcome Setbacks & Build Resiliency

Attractive young grinning business owner in office with polka dot blouse, folded arms and confident expression in front of group of employees at conference table

Have you ever tried to force yourself back into the swing of things after a setback? I’ve experienced plenty of setbacks – what I’ve come to call “woe is me moments” – in my life. Almost every leader does from time to time. What makes great leaders so great though is that they experience setbacks merely as part of the process – as in “two steps forward, one step back” – rather than total failures to be ashamed of. More than that, strong leaders know how to bounce back – fast!  Read more ›

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How Much is Developing Your Employees Worth?

I remember years ago when the cost of employee turnover was calculated to be 150% of an employee’s annual salary. That amount included any internal recruitment costs, external search fees, and hiring and on-boarding expenses as well as the simple loss in productivity associated with losing and then replacing a talented worker. While that may have been more accurate for higher-level leaders and professional staff, recent research still suggests that the average cost of replacing an employee who earns less than $50,000 per year, or more than 40% of Workforce America, amounts to 20% of the person’s annual salary.

So is it worth up to $10,000 per year for you to develop and retain your most talented workers? What about $300,000 – or more – for your most seasoned senior executives? Read more ›

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Eight Great Ways to Engage Your Employees & Make Your Mission Matter

I regularly facilitate Strategic Planning workshops with leadership teams to help them establish their visions for the future. During these sessions, leaders regularly ask me how they can keep their Mission and organizational Values alive after these highly interactive group sessions. It’s not uncommon for a Mission statement to have a very short life of inspiring others for a few months or maybe a year before quickly fading away. Just imagine if you don’t ever share your Mission or related Values with any of your new hires who come on board after the workshop how it would have less and less impact on the organization over time.

So how do you keep everyone’s attention on your Mission statement when so much time has passed? There must be a way to keep it top of mind as opposed to having it fall off the radar, right? The following are eight great ways to engage your employees in your business and keep your Mission and Values alive so they do matter to your work.

  1. Initial Ideation – The first critical step is to get it out of your head and put it down on paper. This may seem obvious, but it’s often the hardest step to take. Creating a Mission statement requires prioritizing that first brainstorming session to begin discussing your Company’s purpose and core Values along with drafting your initial ideas. Oftentimes, leaders get wrapped up in fighting fires and addressing their day-to-day challenges so they don’t even complete this first piece.
  1. Road Test & Refine – Some leaders think that once they develop a Mission statement or identify some core Values that they will magically appear in their organization and positively impact employee performance overnight. Remember, when you draft your Mission statement that only a select few even know it exists. Sometimes, it might be just you! The next critical step is to road test it with other key leaders and refine it as needed based on the feedback you gather. Note I said “key leaders” not “senior executives”. While you will surely want executive buy-in, you may want to share the draft Mission and Values with your more influential employees, including select individual contributors and customer-facing staff. Most notably, wouldn’t you want your receptionist (aka, “Director of First Impressions”) to espouse your core Values and live your Mission in every one of his/her interactions every day?

Read more ›

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