Plus Delta CEO Jeremy Lurey Talks Succession Planning on ExitCoach Radio

With nearly 10,000 Baby Boomers reaching retirement age every day, many business owners need to seriously consider who will succeed them as President or CEO in the not-too-distant future. Other business leaders simply need to build healthy pipelines of Next Generation leaders to eventually take over as mid-level managers or perhaps Directors/Vice Presidents in the years ahead. Regardless of your particular situation, succession planning in this multi-generational environment has never been more important!  Plus Delta CEO Jeremy Lurey Talks Succession Planning on ExitCoach Radio

Over the past several years, Plus Delta’s CEO Dr. Jeremy Lurey has coached countless President/CEOs in transition to shift their management responsibilities to their identified successors and establish their post-retirement plans for living their “third acts” in life. He has also coached and mentored numerous high-potential, NextGen leaders to help them develop the presence and skills required to be promoted and perform at the next level. Listen to the live ExitCoach Radio interview with Dr. Lurey as he shares these real-life experiences and answers the key questions you need answered. 

“Succession Planning & Developing Your Next Generation Leaders”

Wednesday, June 25th ● 12:00pm Pacific

 Are you considering selling your business? Don’t miss this interview which might just help you increase the multiple of your sale by 2-3x! Check out the Succession Planning page of Plus Delta’s website for more information and some keen insights on this critical business topic. Or send Dr. Lurey an email at, and he’ll share a FREE Succession Planning checklist with you called “Nine Must Do’s for the Retiring Business Leader”.

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