Succession Planning Webinar: “Strategies for Leveraging a Multigenerational Workforce”

Your organization likely employs multiple generations of employees, from Baby Boomers to Millennials. With such diversity, how can you find and coach your next generation of leaders? Which of their widely varying skills and motivations should be developed to have the biggest bottom-line impact on your organization’s future?

Succession Planning Webinar: “Strategies for Leveraging a Multigenerational Workforce”

Plus, there’s your Board: how can you get buy-in for a new and dynamic approach to succession planning? Here’s how to find the best answers.

Register now for Succession Planning: Strategies for Leveraging a Multigenerational Workforce. In this webinar, two succession planning experts join an outgoing Boomer CEO and his successor to show you how to use dynamic new succession planning approaches to help your own organization adapt to rapidly shifting trends in the workplace. In addition to learning the crucial elements of a “NextGen” succession plan, you’ll hear the real-life lessons learned directly from the senior executives of a global trade association that just completed a highly-valued and very successful leadership transition themselves.

Reserve your space now for a step-by-step guide to developing an 18-month succession plan for your organization. Learn how to:

  • Leverage employee skills and motivations that vary by age group
  • Assess which Next-Generation high-potentials will have the most valuable bottom-line impact
  • Create an effective multigenerational leadership program
  • Apply the most effective tools for coaching the next generation of leaders
  • Engage your Board members and guide them through transition

So click here for more information or to register.

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