Succession Planning Webinar – “The NextGen of Talent Management: Ensuring Your Success with Succession Planning”

With four generations of men and women in the workforce, we are in an unprecedented period in organizational life these days – one never experienced before. Beyond that, nearly 10,000 Baby Boomers are now reaching retirement age every day. That means that millions of people every year – people with long careers filled with many professional accomplishments and accolades – must determine what comes next for themselves while also transitioning their organizations to the next generation eagerly waiting to succeed them – a generation ½ their size and with very different career motivators. Talent management in today’s multi-generational work environment is a whole new ballgame!

Succession Planning Webinar – “The NextGen of Talent Management: Ensuring Your Success with Succession Planning”

On Thursday, March 20th, Plus Delta’s CEO & Chief Architect During this highly engaging program, participants will:

  • Learn cutting-edge strategies to groom your NextGen leaders by integrating your corporate drivers with their career motivators
  • Discuss proven techniques for coaching next-generation leaders to elevate their leadership skills and develop the capabilities required to perform in higher-level leadership positions
  • Review key strategies for helping leaders in transition shift their management responsibilities to their successors and powerfully embrace their post-retirement “third acts” in life
  • Explore alternatives for retirement-age executives to continue sharing their institutional knowledge and mentoring the next generation of leaders

So click here to register for this FREE Virtual Conference hosted by, scheduled for Thursday March 20th at 1:30pm ET

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