Declare It To Achieve It and You Can Have Anything

For much of my adult life, I’ve had thoughts about the future I have wanted to create for myself.  The stuff I wanted to have. The relationships. The professional accomplishments. Wanting those things for my future is nice. At times, it may even be inspiring. It just isn’t likely to happen until I make it important enough to do something about it.

Declare It To Achieve It and You Can Have Anything

Whenever I hear myself say that I’ll get there “someday”, I immediately recognize that it probably isn’t important enough for me to do anything about it yet. Do you get that “someday” will never come? Someday simply doesn’t exist. There’s today and tomorrow. You can even set your intentions for a specific date in the future. I refer to that as making a declaration.

If you really want something, just say it and make it happen. That may seem ridiculously naive and simple. If you are clear about your strategic intentions though and declare them out loud for yourself and for others to hear, it is likely to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Will it require further effort to achieve that goal? Sure. The world works in mysterious ways though, and having that clarity enables the world around us to support our efforts to achieve those results.

If you are struggling to achieve those lifelong goals, you may want to create a vision board. Vision boards are just one more – very visual – way to declare your intentions by capturing your wants in life with graphic images and specific words. Whatever your commitments are, having that explicit reminder always present will reinforce your goals for yourself and constantly remind you about what’s important. It will provide friendly focus unlike anything else. Honestly, it’s that simple. Declare it to achieve it, and you can have anything.

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