Start Your Summer off Right with a Positive Change Strategy Session

That’s right! Plus Delta is kicking off this year’s 98 days of summer by offering you – our most valued clients and colleagues – Positive ChangeSM Strategy Sessions.

These ½-day sessions are perfect for any Executive Team or functional work group that wants to create that powerful breakthrough they haven’t been able to create before now. With a little out-of-the-box thinking and a series of highly engaging activities with you and your team, Plus Delta’s CEO & Chief Architect Dr. Jeremy Lurey and our team of talented consultants will help you address your most pressing organizational issues – the ones that keep you up at night and seem to keep holding you back. Or perhaps you need some help rethinking and framing a new business opportunity you are currently considering. Whatever the issue or opportunity is, what could be better than this accelerated, interactive approach to take you and your organization to the next level?

  • Executive and key stakeholder interviews
  • High-level process review and issue processing sessions
  • Planning for action and recommendations for Positive ChangeSM

Just give us a call at +1.310.589.4600 (or 866.PLS.DLTA within the US) or send us an email at so we can jumpstart your team and get you on your way. These ½-day sessions are limited to the 98 days of summer, so don’t wait to celebrate summer with us. It’s the perfect time for a quick road trip, and if you don’t take the time now to determine your final destination you are far less likely to ever get there. Don’t leave it up to dumb luck or chance circumstance. Let us show you the way this summer. We promise that you won’t regret it!

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