Plus Delta’s Founder & CEO Delivers Workshop for Fellow Solopreneurs to Grow Successful Consulting Practices

Ready to focus on your own professional development and up your game this year? Plus Delta’s Founder and CEO Dr. Jeremy Lurey kicks off the New Year with the Organization Development Network Chicago and an exciting, interactive learning program you won’t want to miss!

Making It On Your Own: Launching, Running and GROWING a Successful Consulting Practice, Friday, February 24th – This is a perfect primer for skilled consultants who want to launch their own consulting practices and/or those who want to develop the critical skills needed to be successful “solopreneurs” and take their existing firms to the next level.


 This all-day workshop is being offered in Chicago, so if you are in the area sign up now. And if you don’t live or work in the Chicago area, contact Jeremy at +1.310.589.4600 x4612 or by email at for more information. He will share the schedule for future sessions and/or schedule additional ones for you and your organization whenever and wherever it’s more convenient for you!

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