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Plus Delta’s learning events share best practices and leadership insights to develop better leaders and produce better business results. Over the years, our consultants have developed and now regularly deliver keynote presentations and group workshops on a variety of topics. These learning programs are appropriate for both professional audiences and internal client groups.

Give us a call at (310) 589-4600 or email us for more information about our upcoming events or to find out how to sponsor a program in your own organization. Plus Delta’s CEO and Chief Architect Dr. Jeremy Lurey, in particular, regularly facilitates professional development programs with Vistage Chief Executive groups, audiences, and other associations. These programs are perfect to enhance a leadership retreat or any other team development event. We can also deliver any of these programs online via webinar to accommodate your geographically-dispersed teams.

The list below highlights some of our upcoming events.

International Association for Refrigerated Warehouses
Best Practices for Recruiting and Retaining Your Warehouse Talent

  • Date: Tuesday, August 29, 2017
  • Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm EDT
  • Location: Online webinar
  • Registration: Click here to register and receive more information.

Recruiting and retaining a quality workforce is a challenge for warehouses across the world. In a specialized and often difficult environment, refrigerated warehousing jobs can be stressful and demanding for even the most dedicated employees. So how do we attract new employees to join our companies under these difficult conditions? Maybe more importantly, how do we retain them once they are on board? Join Plus Delta’s President and CEO Dr. Jeremy Lurey on Tuesday, August 29th when he will help participants better understand the employee life-cycle and what they can do to enhance this employee experience. He will also review several best practices for attracting new employees to join our companies and then developing and retaining them once they are on board.


Succession Planning: Strategies for Leveraging a Multigenerational Workforce

  • Date: Wednesday, August 30, 2017
  • Time: 2:00pm – 3:30pm EDT
  • Location: Online webinar
  • Registration: Click here to register and receive more information.

Your organization likely employs multiple generations of employees, from Boomers to Millennials. With such diversity, how can you identify and coach your next generation of leaders? Which of their widely varying skills and motivations should be developed to have the biggest bottom-line impact on your organization’s future? Plus, there’s your Board: how can you gain their buy-in for a proactive and dynamic approach to succession planning? Join Plus Delta CEO Dr. Jeremy Lurey on August 30 th when he will share a proven approach for adapting to these rapidly shifting workforce trends in the workplace with you and other executive leaders. In addition to learning the crucial elements of a “NextGen” succession plan, you will also review an actual case study that shares real-world implementation lessons learned from a recent business succession transition. Click here or contact us for more information about this engaging and interactive webinar program.