Plus Delta Consulting CEO Leads Workshop on Best Practices for Recruiting & Retaining GCCA Warehouse Talent

Recruiting and retaining a quality workforce is a challenge for warehouses across the world. In a specialized and often difficult environment, refrigerated warehousing jobs can be stressful and demanding for even the most dedicated employees. So how do we attract new employees to join our companies under these difficult conditions? Maybe more importantly, how do we retain them once they are on board? Join Plus Delta and CHIEFEXECcoach’s Founder & CEO Dr. Jeremy Lurey on June 14th at the Global Cold Chain Expo when he reviews several best practices for recruiting and retaining your warehouse talent. In its 2nd year now, the Global Cold Chain Expo is a one-stop-shop for innovation, education, and business-to-business networking for the global food industry cold chain – bringing together thousands of producers, consumers, and supply chain experts all under one roof. Visit or contact us for more information about this engaging and interactive education session.

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Five Must-Dos to Create a World-Class On-Boarding Experience for You and Your Employees

So much time and energy goes into finding top talent and then wooing these superstars into our companies, so why is it that typically so little time and energy is devoted to on-boarding these folks once they do accept our offers? If anything, business leaders should invest more time and energy into the process at this critical juncture to ensure that their new employees are truly set up for success as they get started.For those who agree, we offer you the following 5 “must dos” to create a world-class on-boarding experience and enhance the results of your critical on-boarding efforts.

Day One orientation and welcome from both HR and Hiring Managers – Day One is not just about compliance and formalities, so make sure your Hiring Managers greet their new hires with open arms right away such that they do feel welcome – and compelled to stay past your obligatory Day One training!

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Five Ways to Empower Your Employees &
Be a Better Leader

An important aspect of being a leader is the ability to identify your team members’ unique talents and then help them to shine. By bringing out the best in each of your employees, you will end up with a high-performing team that is loyal to you and motivated to deliver great results. Here are five tips for empowering your employees and finding that “special sauce”.

  1. Identify Personality Strengths & Differences

Your team likely consists of a diverse group of personalities who each bring something different to the table. One great way to identify your staff members’ unique strengths and talents (as well as their potential stumbling blocks) is to use personality assessments like DiSC or Myers Briggs. These tools can help your team members increase their self-awareness and gain keen insights into their natural abilities not to mention promote interesting conversations and appreciation for one another.

Review the assessment results yourself and identify ways to use this new understanding to align your team more effectively. For example, perhaps that quiet, introverted member of the marketing team doesn’t speak much during meetings, but if given a chance she could write truly compelling copy or do a great job Read more ›

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Plus Delta Named Talent Management Service Partner for Global Cold Chain




Plus Delta Consulting was recently named the official Talent Management service partner for the Global Cold Chain Alliance. For the past 5 years, Plus Delta’s President and CEO Dr. Jeremy Lurey has actively supported the Association and its Members, leading countless strategic planning, succession planning, and executive coaching efforts for companies across the US. Surely one of if not the greatest challenge for companies across the industry is the recruitment and retention of their employees. Being named the industry’s service partner will allow Dr. Lurey and our team to influence an even greater number of people across the industry as they will now share their leadership insights by speaking at more regional, national, and international events and writing for the Association’s publications. According to Dr. Lurey, “It is an honor that we don’t take lightly! We have always been proud of our project work with the Association and its Members, and we are very excited to be recognized now for our commitment to the success of the industry.” The new service partnership was just announced to the Association’s members at this year’s IARW-WFLO Convention in Dana Point, California.

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Leadership Expert Dr. Jeremy Lurey & Plus Delta Consulting Cited in LA BIZ Journal




Plus Delta Consulting was recently cited in the L.A. BIZ journal for leading a leadership development initiative for Burbank-based Deluxe Entertainment. While you may not know Deluxe by name, you surely have experienced the incredible work this global leader in digital services and technology has delivered for the past 101 years now. This pioneer in media and entertainment is the most trusted partner for the top content owners, creators, and brands, but the Company does not have a standard leadership development platform for its nearly 900 people tasked with supervising others. That’s where Plus Delta’s President and CEO Dr. Jeremy Lurey comes in! In addition to bench-marking leading practices from across the industry, Dr. Lurey recently visited with the Deluxe team in London to assess what foundational programs already exist internally. He is also partnering with Deluxe’s corporate learning team to conduct a global needs assessment and develop a management training plan that will include both in-person and on-demand learning solutions. Read the full L.A. BIZ article here for more information about the initiative.

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Growing Your Business with Peer-to-Peer Advisory Groups

Picture this. You have just come back from a training event that your company sent you to. You are pumped up. You are ready to take on your career with both guns blazing. But within a matter of weeks, you’ve come down from your post-conference high. The reality of your day-to-day routines has set in. It’s not that you don’t want to take control of your career and set yourself apart as a force to be reckoned with. You just don’t have the accountability partner you need to stay on track. This is why you need a peer-to-peer advisory group!

Chief executives often find themselves in lonely positions. It’s hard to grow and develop your skills when you’re the one at the top. You can’t discuss many of your greatest challenges and concerns with your employees, and you probably don’t want to speak with your Board members either. Fortunately, for senior executives and business owners who really want to learn and succeed, there is a better solution. Peer-to-peer advisory groups are a fantastic way to learn from other business leaders at your level who have experienced similar business opportunities and challenges and successfully addressed them. That’s the key to scaling your business and taking it to the next level – discussing your executive-level challenges and learning from the successes of others to grow your company and produce better business results.

Who should join a peer-to-peer advisory group?

Peer-to-peer advisory groups can be effective for leaders at all levels as long as the group is comprised of leaders at the same level and with similar kinds of opportunities. Business unit Presidents, CEO’s, business owners, and other high-level executives might benefit the most from these groups though since they really don’t have anyone else to turn to within their organizations.

Everyone needs to bounce their ideas off other people. Peer-to-peer advisory groups provide a great forum to solve your problems and talk through your greatest opportunities, especially when it’s inappropriate to do so with your subordinates. Whether it’s a group of other executives from within your industry or a group of diverse leaders from across different fields, peer-to-peer advisory groups simply provide a better solution to drive your professional development and growth as a leader. Read more ›

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Feedback? Feed-Forward . . . Telling Your Family Business Leaders What You Really Think!

Father and son business team

I like to think of feedback more like “feed-forward.” You’ve seen the concept of “pay it forward” in movies and commercials over the years, and feedback can have the same effect. When offered with the right intention and skills, feedback can be a gift you give to your family business leaders not to move them backwards but instead to move them forwards towards the achievement of their individual pursuits, not to mention your family’s strategic intentions!

Feedback provides information about a particular action or behavior at a specific point in time. When performance is low, feedback can help others with the corrective actions they need to take to improve. When performance is good, feedback can reinforce positive and effective behaviors to ensure continued success in the future.

Feedback is important because it provides guideposts for everyone to stay on course. It also lets people know how they’re doing as well as when they may need to course correct. When someone doesn’t receive feedback, they can stray pretty far off course and that can make it very difficult for them to get back on track. Sometimes as a family business owner, you may avoid giving feedback to your children and other relatives in the business because you don’t want them to hear your “negative feedback.” More than that, you may be concerned about the devastating impact it might have on your whole family away from work! If you are a next-generation leader, you probably don’t offer feedback to your parents or other family leaders because you think it will be experienced as inappropriate and disrespectful. Regardless, you may not even feel empowered to do so.

What you all may not recognize though is that there’s no such thing as bad or negative feedback when you deliver your message respectfully and skillfully. All feedback in that regard is constructive and helpful for those you are trying to help. More than that, you may actually do more harm than good by withholding it.

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Stop-Start-Continue Your Way to Success in 2016

We all know about making New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of the year. Some of us even do it thinking that this will be the year those resolutions will magically turn into personal commitments we actually honor over time and accomplish throughout the year! Many of us though don’t even bother making resolutions because we know they have no staying power to them and that we aren’t going to create the new habits required to sustain them over time.


That’s why I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. The very definition of a resolution is that it is an intention or decision that is made through some kind of formal voting process, like in an organization or by a legislative body. That isn’t what happens on New Year’s Day when someone decides that he/she is going to lose 10 pounds though. Or perhaps it’s getting that new job he/she has been talking about for several years. That’s not even what people would want to happen if they were more intentional about it. Instead, what people want is to declare a personal goal or objective that will inspire them to take different actions in the year ahead.

If you’re looking for different – and presumably even better – results in 2016, doesn’t it make sense that you may need to act a little differently in 2016? We all know that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is how Albert Einstein defined insanity. So let’s not be insane this year. Let’s make some personal commitments around doing things differently to produce some phenomenal results and accomplish whatever we set out to achieve!

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Essentials of Change Management: Five Critical Steps for Greater Project Success

Today’s organizations experience tremendous amounts of change. Whether these changes are prompted by the implementation of emerging technologies, the redesign of major business processes, or even the realization of a new corporate vision, they can, under the right circumstances, be exciting and exhilarating experiences that lead to innovation and renewal in many areas. Better utilization of technology, more efficient process flow, and enhanced individual and team productivity are all potential benefits of change.

prepared management ready solution strategy unprepared adversity background challenge change concept conceptual crisis disaster emergency endurance endure handwriting advert improve improvement marker obstacle opportunity overcome advertising pen plan modern positive positivity practice preparation prepare preparedness problem readiness solve solved succeed survival survive symbol text transform transparent trouble turn white word writingFar too often though, organizations fail to achieve the anticipated benefits of their large-scale change efforts – arguably because they do not attend to the “people side” of change. In fact, it’s not uncommon for only 20% of major change efforts to ever achieve their intended business results. That means that up to 80% of these change projects fail to achieve their intended business results!

Amazingly, these statistics haven’t really changed over the past 20ish years as change management has developed as a discipline. Why is that? After countless books on managing change and decades of organizational change efforts behind us, you would think that we’d have it figured out by now. Is it really possible that we don’t? I suppose. More likely though is that our business leaders still don’t get it even if “we” do! No matter how you approach it, it’s a “pay now or pay later” scenario. Either you invest the time and energy required to proactively manage the change process upfront, or you likely will end up revisiting your choice about not doing so and ultimately be forced to do it all over again – albeit with more rigor and discipline – after the changes fail to deliver their intended outcomes. Read more ›

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The Pros & Cons of Virtual Teaming – Part II: The Pros

Creating a high-performing team that can achieve its strategic objectives can be quite challenging. Creating a high-performing virtual team that can achieve its strategic objectives is, unfortunately, still proving to be nearly impossible for many business leaders!


I recently led a workshop on best practices for virtual teaming for a group of project managers in Los Angeles, and we discussed some of the greatest challenges that they continue to face with their virtual teams. No matter how prevalent the use of virtual teams has become over the past 20+ years, things like communications and lack of physical presence, not to mention the lack of standard protocols with technologies they use, continue to impact the performance of these virtual teams. (See Part I of this two-part series for more on that.) The flip side to that coin though is the tremendous business benefits an organization can gain from their virtual teams that more traditional, co-located teams cannot offer.

While there clearly are some inherent challenges to address with virtual teams, the following are some of the greatest benefits the project managers I met with have accomplished with their virtual teams:

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