About/ Coaching for Consultants

At Plus Delta Consulting, we know first-hand that creating a sustainable management consulting practice can be extremely challenging. What worked well in the past may not achieve success today in this post-recession economy. Also, techniques that were essential for first launching your practice and getting it off the ground may actually hinder your success long-term once you are in flight and want to take your firm to the next level.

Plus Delta’s CEO & Chief Architect Dr. Jeremy Lurey is dedicated to enabling consultants who excel technically in their primary areas of expertise to become strong solopreneurs who also excel in running their own businesses. Far too often, skilled practitioners launch their independent practices without fully considering the challenges ahead of them and therefore are not able to make it on their own. This struggle causes many good consultants to take down their “shingles” in search of other roles.

Please click on the links below to read a few articles Dr. Lurey has published to help you develop the critical skills you need to launch, manage, and even grow a successful management consulting practice. You can also contact us at +1 (310) 589-4600 or by email at info@plusdelta.net if you would benefit from some targeted coaching. Our Coaching for Consultants programs will help you build a thriving consulting practice and even give you the targeted support you need to further define your go-to-market strategy or develop that critical client proposal.

“I hired Jeremy to help me prepare for a high-stakes prospective client meeting. He helped me shape my proposal, advised me about navigating the conversation, and ultimately, helped me close-the-deal. I recommend you work with Jeremy as a "consultant to consultants" when you need help navigating through the sales process with high-value prospects.”
– Organization Development Consultant