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Plus Delta’s CEO Leads Webinar on “Three Keys to Success with Succession Management”

Many see the key to success in succession management as identifying and then developing the CEO successor.  It’s not just grooming your next-generation leader that makes succession management a success though.  There are two other critical elements to succession management

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How to Ensure Out of Sight Doesn’t Become Out of Mind

Do you manage a virtual team? Are some – if not many – of your team members based in other sites around the city if not around the country or even around the world? Virtual leadership may not be hard

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3 Simple Questions and the Most Impactful Management Tool You’ll Ever See!

One of the simplest and most impactful management tools I’ve ever seen is the Stop-Start-Continue framework. It’s so powerful and easy to use that I’ve used it quite successfully in my own business as well as with all of my

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Start Your Summer off Right with a Positive Change Strategy Session

That’s right! Plus Delta is kicking off this year’s 98 days of summer by offering you – our most valued clients and colleagues – Positive ChangeSM Strategy Sessions. These ½-day sessions are perfect for any Executive Team or functional work

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How Many Leadership Coaches does it take to Change a Light Bulb?

None of course! A good leadership coach would never actually change the light bulb for his/her client. That could be the role for your management consultant or other trusted business advisors. A good leadership coach, though, would instead offer fresh

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