It Takes a Village!

As I drove home from a full day of client meetings today, I once again realized how fortunate I am to have so many active supporters present in my life. Today, it was my nanny who was walking and feeding my dogs while I was away. Next week, it will be my father who agreed to pick my kids up from school while that same nanny is back home in Texas for winter break so I can keep working. And there are so many others – including my fiancée Monica, my assistant Jessica, our talented consulting team, my amazing clients, numerous other friends and family, and the list goes on… – who make my life possible. I also realized in that moment that it truly does take a village.

Now as I sit here watching and listening to 121212 The Concert for Sandy Relief (see , it’s that much more clear what a difference a whole village can make. Sure, I heard about Super Storm Sandy when she touched down on the Eastern seaboard. Plus Delta’s very own Talent Manager Rebecca Ankeney was even directly impacted by the storm, living without power and many of life’s basic necessities for well over a week. Did I do anything to support those affected by the storm at the time? No not really, unless you consider being thankful for what I have and that it wasn’t me “supportive”. Now an entire cast of characters, including some of the most recognized performers and celebrities as well as several power house corporations have come together to bring the disaster relief effort to the forefront again.

The people of New York and New Jersey are going to get through this. They will rebuild their cities and their homes. They will get back to work and school as they once knew it before the storm. They aren’t going to do it alone though. They’re going to need a village!

As we enter this holiday season, I invite you to do your part to join the village. Whether it’s contributing money to 121212 and the Robin Hood Relief Fund or bringing food to your local homeless shelter or even simply helping your organization’s leadership prioritize what matters most heading into next year, you can make a difference. Do what you can.

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